Thursday, October 15, 2015

Scary Pictures, and Scary Music

I finished the promotional pieces that I composited for CEO Productions. Below are some of the examples that I have completed along with what I was given.

I think they came out pretty awesome.

In other news Remy Lexington played another Brickhouse show and again that place was a blast to play for. Always a great crowd there. I made the flyers for both of the shows. Check em out!

I have been working on drawing my own letters rather than going for a random pre-made font. It gives it a bit more of a DIY punk vibe which I like. I have also been getting more experience using masks in photoshop. Which I used in the first flyer. I like making flyers. It gives me a chance to make an eye catching promotional piece along with practicing layouts and text placement. Something that I don't always do. 

I suppose that covers it all for now. If you excuse me, I have more Inktober drawings to attend to. 

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