Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spanks Giving

November is coming to a close with Thanksgiving only two days away. Time certainly goes by fast. The good news is I have been continually keeping busy. My friends over at CEO Productions asked me to work on a few more promotional pieces for them. This time I had create a full background from scratch.

Using a variety of images I was able to put together a pretty "Sinister & Sexy" background. (That's what this pictures theme was.) 

In other news, my band flyer game has been on point. Making a few flyers for a few of my friends that are in really awesome bands. My friends over at Satellite Tribe have a really cool thing going on. Labeled as an artist collective they help promote and book artists and musicians. If you have a facebook I suggest you follow that link and give them a like. Always support your local artists. 

More recently I whipped up this flyer for a Remy Lexington show. That is actually happening this Thanksgiving Eve. It's a bit more psychedelic. I have a thing for bright colors.
If you are in the Babylon area you should definitely come out to Bartini Bar. It's going to be a great time. I mean come on, it's Thanksgiving Eve. Go here for more event information. If you can't make that show. You can make it up by coming out Black Friday to Mr. Beery's in Bethpage. There I will be playing with Mike Longo and bunch more great bands. That event info is here. This event is sponsored by Dinosaurs in Vietnam which is another artist community. Check em out and like their page. 
Also in the making. I have been working with Mike Longo on a project called Expanding Sound. We are going to be making a lot of gear demo videos and creating sample sound packs. Eventually expanding into other areas of music and sound. We are in the very early stages of development but you can start showing your support by following us on Instagram. You can also become a subscriber on our Youtube Channel. If you are a musician and love learning about gear and how certain things sound. This project will be for you. Stay tuned.
Last but not least, the one thing I should have posted about much sooner are my Inktober sketches. I really do love Inktober. It is such a challenging exercise and really tests my ability to draw even when I do not have any idea of what to draw. It also keeps the muscle memory in my hand and the connection to my brain nice and strong. Here are some of the works:

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