Thursday, March 31, 2016

Welcome 2016 -Same Blog, New Voice-

First post in 2016, and I end up doing it on the last day of March. Not by choice really, I have just been really busy with a whole bunch of other things. Some of which I will tell you about in the following post.

But first, being that this is a new year, I figured that this would be a good time to try something a bit different. I want to talk about tone. More specifically the tone of my blog. I have read many of my past posts and while they are definitely me writing them, I feel that they do not always encapsulate my true identity. Sometimes they are partly on this cheery side of things. Don't get me wrong, I am for the most part a positive person. I just feel that my voice was not being properly portrayed. This is of course my fault or well, my doing.

It's a strange thing, trying to find your own writing voice. I believe it's very similar to an artist trying to find his style. It sometimes can take years. And sometimes you might think you have it and then you don't. I think it also has something to do with the Truth. Speaking it. Not in the sense to say that I was ever lying in my posts but the realness of what I have been trying to say. I think that's partially what perhaps I felt my blog posts were lacking. A particular sort of realness.

My good friend once told me that people are attracted to the truth and to things that are genuine. People may not be able to relate to the exact experiences we create or talk about, but they can connect to the sincerity of it. All of our struggles are different but what we all have in common is that we struggle. Some more than others but we all do. Same goes for our accomplishments and in the way we celebrate them. But it's the feeling behind these things that we all can connect with.

I know some artists that like to start with a clean slate. Sometimes they want to try and reinvent themselves. They will erase all of what they have done in the past in order to help their process of becoming something else. I say this because sometimes I look back on this blog, and want to start it all over. But oddly enough, I just looked back to the very first page and realized that this blog has basically existed for as long as I have decided to be Remy Lexington.  Now I do not have that many posts up, but enough to really see that there is growth. I am growing and evolving. I think that's important for me to see. Ironically, this blog started on 4/20 of 2011. Coming up will mark 5 years of me basically trying to do what I do. So with that realization I will leave up all that has come before this. Just know that as of this point I am hoping to some what change the vibe of this blog. Time will tell if I succeed.  But either way I still think it's a nice personal milestone.

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