Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Where the Hell did 2018 go?

Something clicked in my head today. It told me to check my blogs last post and holy shit it's now been a year and a half since I have updated this thing. It seems every time I say I am going to be more diligent with posting on this I just get worse about it. I think it's partly a cliché to keep mentioning how awful I am at updating my blog so at this point I think I am just going to accept that this blog will just be updated whenever and however infrequently I choose to do so. Not that there was any pressure to keep up, just my own guilt.

As you can imagine a lot has happened with in the year and a half of my last post. In fact I have missed updating by two inktobers this time around. So expect a bunch of those pictures. Ironically after my first and only mention of my job at Psyop, I now am no longer there. For me it was two years of a great time. For my blog, it was one happy mentioning of it. I guess that’s partly why I still keep this blog. How my own life goes in my head versus what I end up keeping track of on the internet. From one post to the next. Its entertaining. I should mention though, that my foray into the freelancing world has been pretty cool. Occasionally I will go back and freelance at Psyop and I have also picked up some Production Assistant work at another company originally called Smoke & Mirrors, they have changed their name to Taylor James. Different name but still a great company with a lot of great people.

So what the fuck have I been up to then? Well, as I said I have been diligent with Inktober. Those are always a great exercise in creativity and inking. I also end up getting some really good pieces to color and finalize in photoshop. Last post I mentioned how I was going to be able to pitch a horror design character for my job. It did not go that well but was very much a learning experience. The good news however was that, it gave me the push I needed to go ahead and create a comic book based on this monster character on my own. Because even though the people I was pitching to did not really like my idea, I still actually think it's pretty good. As of now a friend of mine is helping me write a script. I figure if I can get a solid pilot screenplay and make a comic book out of that, then that would be pretty cool and easier to pitch or visualize in the end.

I’m calling it the Ectogeist and it’s a revisit of the classic blob monster archetype. When it was originally asked of us to create a character, the guidelines that were given was that they wanted a creature or monster that was or could be consider “classic”. Something that would be able to be used either episodically or in sequels. Something that people would want to get tattooed on them. Examples given were things like Saw, Chuckie, Freddy Krueger, Jason, etc. To me, when I hear the words “classic monster” I also think of things like Frankenstein’s Monster, Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies. And when I thought about it, I realized that a Blob monster is also a classic monster, one that has not really been done as much as the others in terms of remakes. As for getting a tattoo of a blob monster, I feel like nowadays, things that look melted or dripping is kinda trendy and I really do feel like you can create a lot of stylistic imagery around a thing that doesn’t have a set form. I also want to do the comic in sort of a Tales from the Crypt or Creepy Magazine sort of way. Kinda go for a vintage old school look. Anyway, I don’t want to go too much more into detail but I’ll post some pictures below. It’s funny, I never considered myself a huge fan of horror, but then part of me thinks that’s why this will be good. My dad is a big horror fan so maybe it's in my blood but I always saw myself outside of the genre and I think that will help me when creating it.

Colored Inktobers:

The Ectogeist:

Other projects I have been working on. I have been painting a bit more. I am working a series called “The Feeling(s) of Sun.” It’s based on one of my earlier pieces that went over well with many different people. The idea that on a nice crisp day when you close your eyes and put your face to the sun and just get that wonderful feeling of contentment. But its also a play on the word feeling, because I paint these pictures with a very heavy amount of paint. The texture is also something that one can feel when they actually touch the painting. And finally all of the suns I have been painting have faces on them. So you are literally seeing the “feelings” of the sun itself. It’s a cute little project but seems to sell well when I do art shows.

Speaking of which, I was lucky enough to be asked to display and sell my art at wonderful Music and Art showcase called “Sceneless Scene Showcase” run by a friend of mine Maxwell Peters and his Planet of SoundPromotions. It’s a great time and a wonderful mixture of musicians and artists coming together for the sake of Art. So many awesomely talented people it really is a great time and I was honored to be invited to three of these events.

In mid 2018 I was also on Loosecannon Comics podcast. Which was extremely fun. Those guys are great, funny, and you can check out there podcast here.

In the realm of music, I have just been working on a bunch of songs acoustically. Working on some home recordings and practicing a set list for live performances.

The other thing I started is a twitch channel. I figured being the gamer that I am, it would be smart of me to record my gaming and at least attempt to monetize it. The other cool thing about this is I also figured I can live stream my digitally painting as well. Its still early in the making and I have to set up some other things but here is my twitch link: https://www.twitch.tv/remy_lexington

And so that is where I am at now. Im sure I will post again in about another year. 

Until then, keep on keeping on.

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